Apr 29

Safer use of beds and hoists courses

For any Parents and Informal/Unpaid Carers from Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan, Cardiff Council is delivering courses for safer use of beds and hoists on the 18th of April and Applying safer principles of moving and handling & assisting an individual to stand and walk on the 11th of April.

Both courses are running from 10:00am till 13:30pm in Cardiff City Hall.

Please get in touch with or to book yourself a place on the course, alternatively you can call 02920 871111

Carers have a choice to attend one or both of the sessions, depending on their needs, Carers who have attended previous sessions have provided positive feedback and felt it would help them in their caring role. Details of similar courses delivered in the Vale of Glamorgan can be obtained from One Vale Team (C1V) Tel: 01446 700111

Please be advised these awareness sessions should not be used as a precursor for an in-patients’ hospital discharge.  Families of hospital inpatients who require moving and handling guidance should seek advice from the UHB’s supervising physiotherapist or occupational therapist.

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