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One Sector, One Workforce

The Welsh Government requires that all councils establish regional partnerships and agree strategic regional priorities across the whole social care sector. This is to ensure the alignment of a regional workforce strategy with the implementation of the Social Care and Wellbeing Act (Wales) 2014.

Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan Social Services Directorates have a proven record of working together to manage, develop and deliver quality services that meet the needs of the local populations. The Directors of Social Services in both councils have committed in principle to the establishment of a sustainable Regional Workforce Development Training Unit (WDTU).

Our key objectives as a partnership are:

  • Ensure a skilled and appropriately qualified workforce with the Social Services and Wellbeing Act (Wales) 2014 embedded in all we do.
  • Promote induction, supervision, appraisal and Continuous Professional Development.
  • Ensure managers have access to up to date information about changes to the legislative framework in Wales.
  • Effective communication systems in place accessible and relevant to promote workforce development and training.
  • Ensure that the Regional Partnership is effective and engaging with all partners in the region.
  • Achieve a regional robust data collection process to inform Social Care Workforce Planning.
  • Carry out a scoping exercise to identify the training resources available across the sector in house or commissioned.

High quality care for all

People at different stages of their lives, including those at the end of their lives, use different types of care services.

There are some basics that services and service providers have to get right if they are going to deliver high-quality care across the Cardiff and Vale region.

A high-quality care and support service must consist of the following core components:

Positve experience

A service cannot be judged to be good quality just because it is safe, if its effectiveness or people’s experiences are ignored.
There are many challenges in sustaining good quality services and in securing good outcomes for families and citizens.

The Cardiff and Vale Care and Support Regional Workforce Partnership is committed to ensuring the recruitment and retention of excellent professionals and a working environment which allows staff to develop and give of their best.

Members of the board

Members of the partnership board represent the following organisations / agencies:




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